Uh-Huh, Pull the Other One

Okay, so I'm sure that my blog audience are like, "Hey, he's flaked out on another challenge."

And I understand that. I really do. The thing is, writing fiction is hard. The first couple nights were fine, but this latest story has been a beast to put together. I went most of the way down a path then decided it wasn't the right one. Then I started going down the right road, and just lost the thread. I finally picked it up, then the playoffs started, and that's been consuming most of my attention. But I'm back in it, now, and the story should be posted tonight. It's a bit of a weird one, and definitely won't be to everyone's taste, but I like it. Once I polish it up a bit, it might be my favourite story I've told.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that, while I won't get all 20 stories done by the end of the challenge, I do intend on finishing all of them, and posting them here. So we'll see how that goes.