Just Keep Swimming

So, sometimes it feels to me like the world is on fire. Between the debacle that is the president of the United States to global warming (wait, no, climate change... oh wait, that's forbidden to say too now) the impact on the environment of choices that we make, it's a wonder that contemplating the state of things doesn't leave everyone an anxious mess.

Oh wait.

So what am I to do? So far, the strategy of closing up shop, bringing things in tight and holding on has kept me and mine relatively safe. But what does that help? From all I can tell, with the Ford brother now running things in Ontario and the other guy running for head honcho here, things probably aren't getting better any time soon.

So do I shut down even more? Keep it between family and work and that's all? Is that even a choice I get to make? I still have to interact with people, and I still have the opportunity to make choices that can make things better or make things worse.

Clamming up doesn't seem entirely appropriate, because that's what I've been doing, and I miss having a voice. But turning this spot into a purely political one, where I call down judgement with my crystal vision isn't appetizing to me.

So I think I'll try to take a road somewhere in the middle. I will try to be more vocal about things that are obviously (to me) wrong, but I'll also post more things that aren't that. I guess what I'm saying is that I'll try to post more in general.