Get Ready to Make Your Time

I don't hold anything against aging. I mean, we're all getting older, and until someone finds a way to put a stop to that, it's better than the only other alternative.

I've been aging for awhile now, and I came to the realization the other day that I have probably lived at least half of my life. I guess that's where midlife crises come from at this age.

I'm not going to go off the rails and break the bank on a Lamborghini or cut ties with the life I've lived up until now. I believe that I can face my own mortality, look it in the eye and be happy with my lot. Sure I've made mistakes, but I don't have any bone-deep regrets or anything like that.

That said, I do have things that I want to accomplish, and if I pretend that this is the halfway mark, I'd say that it's time to get underway.

Now, I don't have a bucket list, experiences that I have to check off before I check off. I've gotten more from my life than I feel like I had a right to expect. Is it wrong that I want more? I don't think so, because they're all things that I'm willing to work for.

I guess this post isn't a declaration of the top 40 things to do after 40 - I'm going to keep what I want to do under my hat, but it's an acknowledgment that "later," or "when I have time," isn't going to happen on its own, and "someday" is a day that looks a lot like this one, and isn't going to come unless I plant my flag and say it's today.