I like to think that I have focus. I am good at prioritizing, and putting things to the side that don't fit right now. Unfortunately, that means that things that I should spend time on now and again get shunted and completely forgotten. One of those things happens to be this blog.

I like having a blog. I like sharing things with the few people who can be bothered to drop in on the ultra-rare occasion that I set something down here. And yet...

And yet, I post so rarely.

I talk quite often (at least to myself) about having more focus, about living with intention. And that's an earnest desire. I got into bullet journaling for that reason. But that, too, has fallen by the wayside in the wake of the shake-ups at work and the constant flux that I seem to find myself in.

What does that mean? I don't know. I know that I work better when I have writing in my life. Not, like, do my job better, but I operate at a higher level when I can clear my mind.

I started a daily log at work so that I can at least have my mind clear for that. I work at being honest with myself in that log, both about how I'm doing at the job and how the job is doing, how confident I am in my long-term prospects and my job satisfaction. That's the kind of writing I've been doing lately, reflection that isn't for public consumption.

I do get a lot of satisfaction out of writing something, and trying to make it better because people whose opinions I value will be looking at it (rather than the off-the-cuff, near stream-of-consciousness that I tear off in my daily log). So, just like every time I come back from some kind of hiatus, I hope that I will keep at this. I hope this space will be frequently updated, and that traffic will go up, and interactions with my readers will increase.

Until next time...