20 to 42 -- Obligatory Introduction Post

Hi there! Welcome to what has become my annual tradition of a blog posting challenge in the 20 days leading up to my birthday.

Last year, I tried something different. Where the years before had largely been anecdotes, reminiscences, people, jobs, things like that, last year, I wanted to write fiction, so I tried to do 20 short stories in 20 days. Wow. It didn't work. I got six, I think, before I bonked and gave up.

Well, screw that. I'm trying again.

I don't know how long the stories will be, or how good they'll be, but they will all (likely) have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Since I'm not Cliff, and not terrible with titles, I figured I'd share them before we get started, and you can maybe try to guess what they are.

A Blade for the Queen
All My Heroes
Another Freaking Castle
Broken Fast
Crater Hockey
Harbinger, Harvester, Hero, and Fool
Just in Time (Travel)
Mutie and the Meek
Rhythm & Booze
Sit Down
Steamrolling Oz
The Best (and Worst) Ruler
The Small God of Hockey and Maple Syrup
Time Commute
Zeke Smith Splits the Atom

No telling what order I'll write them in. You'll just have to wait and see. Until tomorrow,